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Discover Exquisite Hand Made Chocolate in Kenya

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A Touch Of Class

Every Piece of Chocolate is a distinctive taste experience


Kenyan Chocolate That Transforms Every Wine Tasting

There are events in life that you absolutely deserve to live. Rich chocolate paired with authentic well aged wine. Now that borders perfection.

At Sweet Art, We are inspired by the beauty of art and the precision of mastery

Our approach to crafting chocolate is driven by the passion to create truly delectable flavors well deserved by every discerning palate. Truly sensational perfection redefined.

Tantalise Your Taste buds

Picture the most delicious and decadent Belgian chocolate melting in your mouth with a twist of mint, nut praline, salty caramel, chilli,lemon and black pepper - unique flavours to tantalise your taste buds and blow your mind, this is what we do on a daily basis.

100% Kenyan Goodness

At Sweet Art Kenya, our very own chocolatier who has learned the art of chocolate making internationally uses the very best quality Belgian Chocolate Coverture to hand make the best Chocolate treats right there in Kenya.

Our Specialty

Using only the freshest ingredients, we make the best molded chocolates, truffles, bars, treats and chocolate bark for your indulgence. Being artisans, we do all all kinds of flavours for one to truly experience a unique chocolate adventure.

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