“If you love Chocolate& unique Desserts,Sweet Art prides itself in the very best of Hand Crafted Belgian Chocolate Treats & Experiences….Made in Kenya”

Tasnim Manji Chocolatier

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Amazing Chocolate

Tasty? yes, delicious? absolutely, creamy definitely. Get the best chocolate from Sweet Art with an exquisite taste, and most of all the best flavors that will make you feel love and experience it on your tongue.

Being artisans, we do all kinds of flavors for one to truly experience a unique chocolate adventure.The mint flavor is smooth with a little bit of refreshing taste, not forgetting the dark flavor that is intense and adds a lot of chocolatety goodness in your mouth that gets you smiling for the rest of the day.The rest of the flavors like the coconut,rum and raising,nut and caramel will leave you wanting more.

What is the meaning of life?All evidence to date suggest chocolate is, Don't feel guilty next time you take a piece of chocolate because its scientifically proven that it adds potassium,vitamins,calcium and sodium in your body.The best part is it relieves stress and makes you remember all the things that you are passionate about.Guess this, it even lowers your cholesterol due to caffeine so next you take a piece of chocolate please take another

So Why Don't You Give Us A Call? Get the most delicious and tastiest chocolate from Sweet Art that makes everyone smile even bankers at awesome prices