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About Sweet Art Chocolate Creations

Sweet Art was founded in 2012 by Tasnim Manji who, based on her life long passion for Chocolate decided to venture in the world of Artisanal Chocolate making to bring a unique chocolate experience to Kenya.

Subsequently Tasnim has trained as a Chocolatier in Scotland, Edinburgh and South Africa, Cape Town. Sweet Art has brought several unique Chocolate products and experiences to Kenya and prides itself in being the most innovative and customer focused artisanal Chocolate makers.

At Sweet Art, our very own chocolatier  uses the very best quality Belgian Chocolate Coverture to hand make the best Chocolate treats right here in Kenya. Using only the freshest ingredients, we make the best molded chocolates, truffles, bars, treats and chocolate bark for your indulgence. Being artisans, we do all all kinds of flavours for one to truly experience a unique chocolate adventure

Sweet Art Chocolate Fountain at an Event.

If you love Chocolate& unique Desserts,Sweet Art prides itself in the very best of Hand Crafted Belgian Chocolate Treats & Experiences‚Ķ.Made in Kenya